Latest Release

Latest Release

SolarFarmer 1.4

Date: 18-Jun-2024

Desktop application - updates

  • Import/Export:
    • Import trackers from PVCollada (.pvc) files (docs)
    • Import racks from Shapefiles, Google Earth files, and PVCollada files (.shp, .kml, .kmz., and .pvc) (docs)
    • Export racks and trackers to PVCollada (.pvc) files (docs)
  • 'SolarAnywhere Format' solar resource file import added
  • 55-cell module PAN files now supported
  • Change some tracker/rack system properties even when in use
  • Separate north and south slope thresholds when generating slope-based exclusions (docs)
  • Create 3 new 3D model types (wind turbines, conical trees, and oval trees) (docs)
  • Additional scripting methods available
  • Bug fixes

API calculation – updates

There were no updates to the API and website with this release. Just the desktop application.
API v3 (15 January 2024) remains the latest API version.

Documentation additions

  • Explanations added to explain the differences between the algorithms used for tracking, backtracking, and slope-aware backtracking (docs)
  • The different horizon file conventions SolarFarmer supports (docs)